I’ve published very little nonfiction, and most of what I’ve done in this regard is ephemera. Following are the few items that are worth mentioning:

A History of Fantasy in the Silent Cinema (1974-1975)
A series of articles about the fantastic cinema from Melies to early talking pictures. Published in Abaddon, an apazine.

Understanding English: How Sentences Work (1991)
A postsecondary grammar text/workbook based on material I developed when I taught in the classroom. Published by South-Western, and no longer available, I think.

A Critical Appreciation of John Milius’s Conan the Barbarian (1995-1996)
A long, serialized article published in the apazine Bocere. It is also available online at The Barbarian Keep.

The Whole Wide World (1997)
Movie review published in The Dark Man #4 (1997).

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