The video trailer for Seasons of the Moon is now on YouTube! As far as I can tell, no one’s made a trailer quite like this one for a novel—lovingly produced by ShadowCast Pictures in LA, directed by Jon Wagner, photographed by Jay Ellison, with a scary group of matriarchs hidden behind their masks, doing what needs to be done, and narrated by Brianna Lee Johnson as Paige. Enjoy the trailer, then buy the book!

In August 2008, my friends Joe Bonadonna and Jake Jaquet and I got together to discuss the state of the art of sword-and-sorcery fiction. It’s a discussion that needs to be had, and here are three pros from a generation ago doing the talking. Jake began his career in publishing as editor of, and contributor to, Dragon magazine in the 1980s; later he was the publisher of Amazing Stories. Joe and I have been writing adventure-fantasy fiction going back to the 1970s. We all got together at my house, sat down at the table in the sun room, and faced a camera as though we were on a panel at a con. The result is about 50 minutes of brainstorming and conversation that you might find interesting.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Mike Johnson for all of his help in assisting us in preparing these videos for YouTube. Mike is brilliant. He is a great guy, is a wizard with Web stuff, has a beautiful little daughter named Emily, and is nuts for The Simpsons. Go right now to his website and thank him for helping us out with this project.

Part 1 : Dungeons and Dragons

Part 2: World building fantasies; dialogue and style

Part 3: Robert E. Howard, Saunders, characterization, trilogies

Part 4: Sword & sorcery, film noir, westerns; commercial publishing

Part 5: Sword & sorcery and rock & roll, crossing genres, academic context

Part 6: Sword & sorcery movies; Conan is intelligent; Lin Carter; markets

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