Behind the Scenes

So I just found this great article in Get Pocket, which shows up on my desktop as soon as I turn on my computer. An oral history of the making of My Cousin Vinny, which is basically a B picture but so well written and so well acted that it has become legendary. “What Is a Yute?” is the title of the article.

Here’s the thing: I will drop everything and pay strict attention whenever I come across an article or a video that provides behind-the-scenes glimpses of how artists think and create, how a movie came to be made, how studio musicians add so much to album tracks while remaining anonymous, or pretty much so, like the Wrecking Crew. It’s kind of like sitting at the feet of some guru, I guess, for me to get glimpses of creativity or inspiration.

It’s the same when I talk with other writers. I can’t get enough of it. I want there to be a group of writers sitting here over coffee or some beers talking shop about their inspirations, their work habits, where this or that character or scene or bit came from. It’s like a drink of cool water if I were hot and really thirsty.

I’ve spent most my life being creative. It’s me. Drawing. Writing stories and novels. For me, there’s still a bit of a holy mystery surrounding this process, despite the hard work and discipline required. And I want that There is a kind of mystery

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